Banners, Logos, and Mastheads

In earlier versions of this site and during my time at Feministe, I did a lot of redesigns. This was my playground to learn the art of good design and how to use color and fonts to convey a mood for the site’s content. Many of the blog’s early designs were vintage-themed and included cheeky references to pin-up culture, 1950s appliance and airline ads, and a “woman’s place.” As the site grew in size, seriousness, and scope, the wide array of irreverent themes were abandoned for something more simple and iconic.

Below are a selection of my favorite banners that served as headers, footers, mastheads and splash pages for these blogs from 2001 through the present. Some of the shapes and sizes were determined by the publishing platforms of the time, depending on whether Blogger, Movable Type, or WordPress were in use.


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Lauren Bruce • November 4, 2012

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