Feministe is my oldest existing contribution to the internet. I began the site in late 2000 way back when nobody knew what the word “BLOG” meant, even me. This site was both personal and an extension of my college studies, where I explored feminist practice and theory from the comfort of my own bedroom. Here I wrote extensively about the intersections of feminism, teen- and single-parenthood, social class, life in the Rust Belt, and pop culture.

From 2000-2005 I was the source of 100% of all site content, including images, written content, and technical features, including the iconic “gun girl” logo. Today the award-winning site is spearheaded by the great young entrepreneur Jill Filipovic and a wonderful team of women who write, grow, and design this thriving online community.

Today I am no longer a content contributor, but I do consult on some technical and community issues.

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