Some of us are bittersweet enough about the GLA to wonder why someone would ever vacation here as a tourist. This fall, a family with the Indiana Insider blog did just that. On a three-day-two-night vacation, they visited Wolf Park, Bruno’s Pizza, the Farmer’s Market, McCord’s Candies, the Lafayette Brewing Co., Arni’s, Red Seven, the Tippecanoe County Courthouse, the Tippecanoe Battlefield, Triple XXX, and Exploration Acres.

All things considered, that’s a pretty good snapshot of this area. Places I wish they’d seen, some of which aren’t necessarily of interest to kids, include the Purdue campus, Harry’s (love it or hate it, you have to go once), any of the other downtown eateries from Black Sparrow to Bistro 501 to Kokoro, and any of our gorgeous local parks.

Click through for a comprehensive review of the GLA as a destination spot.

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