Bike Stuff and Ticket Sales

I’m pretty excited about this one. Today Think Lafayette started ticket sales. Our first event is sponsored by Bicycle Lafayette, a national dinner and movie screening tour that will take a stop in Lafayette this May called “Dinner and Bikes.”

Dinner and Bikes” (official site) is a national tour that shows communities around the U.S. how to take the lead in growing the national bicycle movement. It sounds pretty cool — it’s way crunchy, but also community goal-oriented and right up the alley of all the Community of Choice conversations that have been happening in Lafayette for the last year.

I’m excited about this for a couple of personal and professional reasons, but mostly because when my TL co-founder and I first started thinking about the idea of ticket sales and event hosting under the banner of Think Lafayette, it seemed like such a huge and overwhelming ordeal. But today we just rolled it out and it wasn’t a big deal at all. And lo, the ticket sales started rolling in.

It’s been a good year.

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Lauren Bruce • April 23, 2013

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