Seeking Sheet Music: Jane Wyman, “Takin’ a Slow Burn” (1953)

LETSDOITAGAINThis is a post to let the world know I want to buy the sheet music for the song “Takin’ a Slow Burn” from the popular 1953 Columbia Pictures movie “Let’s Do It Again.” This was a lightweight, slinky, sexy jazz musical featuring Jane Wyman, post-divorce from Ronald Reagan, about the delicious misfortune of falling for a cheating loser (can I get a “hey,” ladies?”).

Here’s the original 1953 movie review from the NY Times

If you have a decent, complete copy of this sheet music, comment on this post using a good email address and I will email you.



jane wymanlet's do it againsheet musictakin' a slow burn

Lauren Bruce • May 24, 2017

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