Threads, Literal and Figurative

I spent much of the pandemic shutdown at home playing video games and learning new fiber arts, and to a lesser degree, trying to learn how to draw so I can better execute some of my embroidery ideas.

Because we were isolated for so long, I spent more time online documenting my attempts at fiber art, and have developed a nice little community on Instagram, some of whom, like me, are noodling around on nights and weekends, and some of whom are real artists who are showing at exhibitions, selling their work on a broad scale, and even developing courses for casual learners.

As a participant in this virtual community, I have been asked to show some work in an exhibition next year in Los Angeles, featuring some of my embroidery alongside some of the people who I learned from online.

After the initial flattery and excitement wore off, the imposter syndrome rolled in. I am not a formally trained artist or craftsperson. This is a big reach for me, and it feels vulnerable! Until recently, everything I made was mostly for me and mine just to see if I could learn how.

I’m excited and worried, intimidated and proud all at once, and in a frenzy dreaming up and executing new things. If I get too full of myself, remind me what Big said.

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Lauren Bruce • July 13, 2021

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