About Lauren

Hello, I’m Lauren Bruce. I live in Indiana with my two hilarious and delightful children, a crafty boyfriend, a slew of chickens, and a garage full of bikes. I like dynamic people, big stories, elegant writing, small towns, and exploring the Midwest, and I write about that here.

Lauren Bruce 2015
Lauren Bruce, 2015

Examples of my favorite work.

I am the creator and founder of Feministe, one of the first feminist blogs on the internet.  Feministe was a pioneered a funny and irreverent feminist online culture, and won numerous awards and accolades in its 15+ years, including two Sandy Koufax Awards, and best-of mentions by Forbes, Mother Jones, Huffington Post, the New York Times, and others, as a notable website for women. Feministe assisted in launching the careers of at least a dozen influential thinkers by providing them a visible and wide-reaching platform and audience, of which I’m extremely proud to have been a part. 

I started FAUXREALTHO in 2004 as a personal site with quieter musings on life, education, and politics. 

For five years I wrote about life in the Greater Lafayette area and Purdue University area at Think Lafayette [RIP, 2011-2016]. Think Lafayette was web-zine that a friend and I co-founded as an alternative to traditional local media, with the goal of cheer-leading local civic, entertainment, and social gains, specifically under the “From Good to Great” plan commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce. We compiled a group of young professionals who shared similar interests, and set forth exploring the concept of community and theorizing about what we want our community to look like together. I archived most of my writing from Think Lafayette under this link

Today, in addition to my day job, I’m a board member and president of the Greater Lafayette ALCU, and serve on the West Lafayette Traffic Commission. I also love cooking, eating, and writing about food. I knit and crochet. I watch a lot of documentaries. I love to hike and ride my bike.