About Lauren Bruce

Hi, I’m Lauren and I live in Madison, WI.

Lauren Bruce 2015
Lauren Bruce, 2015

I am the creator and founder of the award-winning blog Feministe [1999-2015], one of the first, biggest and baddest feminist blogs on the internet.  Over fifteen or so years, we won numerous awards and accolades, as well as best-of mentions by Forbes, Mother Jones, Huffington Post, the New York Times, The Guardian, and others. Feministe was a pillar in an online movement that helped launch the careers of many accomplished thinkers and writers whose names you read in major bylines today.

During that journey, in about 2004, I started FAUXREALTHO as a personal site with quieter musings on life, education, and politics. This site has been through many iterations. Lately, I keep it alive to preserve some of my past writing and to keep my WordPress coding skills alive. 

In 2011, I co-founded Think Lafayette with an old friend. Think Lafayette was another sprawling site written in the style of classic alt-weeklies, about life in Greater Lafayette, Indiana, and around Purdue University. Think Lafayette’s goal was to help facilitate civic and social goals identified in the 2011 “From Good to Great” plan commissioned by the area’s Chamber of Commerce. Our writers were a group of young adults and professionals with varied civic and social interests, and enough guts to challenge a civic model that prioritized geniality over innovation. Together, we dreamed about the potential of West Central Indiana, and highlighted what made this community interesting, weird, innovative, and particular. To preserve my time with TL [2011 – 2016], I archived much of my writing from Think Lafayette under its own category. Some of the images and links degraded in the file transfer and as the internet ages, but please trust it was great work achieved with great people. I’m very fond of that project.

Today, I live in Madison, WI, in the shadow of another great public university. My day job and my family take up much of my free time, which I spend biking, cooking, eating, and tweeting. I also knit, embroider, quilt and crochet while watching a lot of documentaries, and journal that work on Instagram as @SharonN33dles