For the Birds

When we had chickens, I got in the habit of giving them extra calories when it got cold out. I’d wake up on a frigid night thinking about how they needed a serving of oatmeal in the morning and research how to keep their water dish from freezing over. Chickens don’t like having their feet…

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chickens in the grass

The Chickens at Point of Lay

Our chickens started laying a couple of weeks ago. In the video below, the ladies are pictured right before “point of lay,” and are darting around their run after we gave them kitchen scraps and chicken scratch. There is a loaf of old french bread hanging in the coop for some chicken enrichment activity (I don’t know, what…

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The Chickening

I wish I had before and after pictures of my yard. I moved into this house about eleven years ago, and at the time, most of the yard was dedicated to a massive garden. It was too big for me, so we eventually sodded it over and put in grass. There was a pond at…

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