Hell is a Teenage Girl: Yellowjackets and the Monstrous Feminine

Yellowjackets is a smart, layered show in which a team of elite high school soccer players survives a plane crash in the deep woods of Ontario in 1996, then follows them today, twenty-five years later, as they continue to piece their lives back together. It plays with a number of genres, including horror, teen dramas…

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Photo by Meruyert Gonullu from Pexels

The Ideological Battlefield of Motherhood

This interview by Anne Helen Petersen with researcher and writer Kathryn Jezer-Morton covers a lot of what makes me cringe whenever I see what makes a good/bad parent debated on social media. With the rise of pop therapy memes, it’s become a regular thing for folks to express and pick apart the many traumas we…

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Biking and Feminism: “I belong on the road.”

I’ve been very fortunate that I haven’t had some of the aggressive interactions with drivers and pedestrians that others have had — mine have been limited to cat calling and the traffic incident that inspired my petulant “red dress” campaign.  A guy I know wears an American flag jersey on his distance rides, and has…

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Girls to the Front

NPR is asked, “Are Tall People Obligated To Stand In The Back At Concerts?” They mostly get it right: The only obligation tall people have in concerts is the same one the rest of us have, to do everything you can to be “good and courteous neighbors.”  Frequently, though, that’s not what happens. In the early…

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Hilda the Pin-Up: Chunky but Funky

The allure of Hilda is not that she’s sexually available, but that she is active, curious, adventurous, and unconscious about her zaftig body. She had a full and romantic (if fictional) life, was kind of a goober, and possessed the magnetic, sexy goodwill that comes from living a life of happiness, much like many of…

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Pin-Up Queens

In the golden days of pin-ups, some of the best artists were women basing their art off their own bodies and fantasies.