My Favorite Cure for Writers’ Block

I read this article yesterday while I was fretting about an upcoming project, so I pulled up my WordPress set-up and started typing like I was writing a blog post instead of a major presentation. Lo, the words came easily.

Something about writing in a Word document lends itself to formality, where I can compose a logical and clever argument about things far more easily as a blog post or a series of tweets, which is more casual and has a well-defined audience. Starting the writing process by speaking to that audience plays to my strengths.

More on the WL Signage Wars


In 2013, I interviewed Peter Bunder and Eddie VanBogaert on the WL signage wars. City government threatened to crack down on local property managers for increasingly putting up larger and larger signage in student neighborhoods that did not adhere to zoning laws, further exacerbating the tensions between local government, the campus neighborhood associations, and landlords. When Granite Management, a sizable rental company whose logo is a banana, painted a huge banana on the side of a house on a prominent campus corner, they denied it was branding, marketing, or advertising. “It’s just a banana,” they said. Other folks claimed it was art, or made the case for a political statement. Debate ensued.

I Wrote a Thing: Riffing with Dave Bangert

Last month, when Lafayette Journal & Courier Opinions editor Dave Bangert asked to interview us at Think Lafayette to figure out where we fit into the Community of Choice narrative, I told him we’d only do an interview if he would oblige for an interview at our site as well. He was game.

At least, that’s the current story. If you dig through the emails, it might be revealed that I both asked to be interviewed and offered to interview him in kind. Either way, he was game.