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Dinner Club, Desserts

Another Dinner Club is coming up, and the theme is bite-sized desserts. The current plan, thanks to the overflow of blueberries from the local U-Pick place, is to make these blueberry crumble bars fancy and serve them on a toothpick… Continue Reading →

Thinking Up Quality Blog Topics: Suggestions for the Uncreative

Poking around the HubSpot Blog Topic Generator, I tried several word combinations to test how complicated the algorithms are. They all looked just about like this. “The History of Kids” sounds like a Strong Bad story. By comparison, this tutorial… Continue Reading →

More on the WL Signage Wars

In 2013, I interviewed Peter Bunder and Eddie VanBogaert on the WL signage wars. City government threatened to crack down on local property managers for increasingly putting up larger and larger signage in student neighborhoods that did not adhere to zoning… Continue Reading →

How Social Media Changed Election Politics for Young Women

It’s still fun to see your name in print. From an article examining how the ways young feminists view Hillary Clinton changed after social media became the norm: In the early and mid-2000s, after she left the White House and… Continue Reading →

My neighbors and I were profiled in the Journal & Courier today for our creative  attempts to slow traffic on our crash-prone street: The idea came on June 27, as wreckers worked for nearly three hours to pull out a car… Continue Reading →

A History of Creepy Dolls

When I first started going to auctions, I accidentally bid on and won a creepy doll. At an estate auction, I didn’t like the cut of some lady’s jib, and bid her up on a random item to be a jerk… Continue Reading →

Champinones al Ajillo

A few months ago, one of my friends came up with the brilliant idea of Dinner Club, a group of local friends and foodies that regularly gets together to cook, eat, and socialize. It’s a collaborative and family-friendly gathering that… Continue Reading →

How to Identify Stanhope Jewelry

Several months ago, I lucked out and found a large stash of Stanhope novelty pieces at a garage sale. The collection I had to choose from was mostly religious icons, like tiny paintings of saints, the Lord’s Prayer, and other… Continue Reading →

On Cabbage Steak, Rage, and Roasting Vegetables

There is a recipe floating around social media that makes me want to rage-quit the internet every time I read it, for “Garlic Rubbed Roasted Cabbage Steak.” Why does it make me want to light the internet on fire? Because it’s fussy, over-complicated and… Continue Reading →

Chicken Dum Pukht

This chicken curry recipe is one of the better things I’ve found online, maybe ever. It’s spicy without being too hot, it makes the house smell delicious, and it provides an excellent lesson in making your own curry paste. I’ve… Continue Reading →

Southern Creole Sausage and Cornbread Dressing

This sausage and cornbread dressing is one of my favorite recipes of all time, a dish present on every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter table set at my mom’s house. The original recipe lives in a non-descript church cookbook from somewhere in… Continue Reading →

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